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The Western Huntsman Podcast

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Jim Huntsman

Oct 25, 2022

Kevin is an outdoorsman, author, educator, and the Director of Training for Fieldcraft Survival. Mildly put, he is my kind of people.

In this episode, Kevin and I explore the Fieldcraft Survival platform where he shares their offerings and super popular survival courses. We talk about key components of survival skills...

Oct 20, 2022

 Brandon is the VP of Sales at Eastman’s Hunting Journals, and a talented hunter. I got to know him in person last Summer during my visit to the Eastman’s headquarters in Powell, WY.

In this episode, we talk about his recent bear hunt in Canada, our shared passion of chasing high mountain mule deer, issues hunters...

Oct 13, 2022

Why would I bring The Bugler on the show to talk about deer hunting instead of elk??? Because deer season is either here for you or very close, and Dirk has some things to say about deer calls!

Dirk and I talk about his busy and successful September elk season. We also go through the new lineup of deer calls from...

Oct 11, 2022

Baker Leavitt is the founder of the company Digital Mongoose, and also a Business Developer at Black Rifle Coffee Company. 


He joins me this week and we go from talking about some of the differences between elk hunting private ranches versus OTC public land, hunting in Africa, managing whitetail property in the South,...

Oct 3, 2022

After a wild September, I sit down alone and recap the North Idaho elk season that ended with an arrow in a bull and a truck that burned to the ground. 

The truck fire destoyed most of my podcast files since my laptop was in it, therefore I'm putting this episode out on a laptop I haven't pulled the files from the cloud...