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The Western Huntsman Podcast

Welcome to The Western Huntsman Podcast!

The voice of advocacy and entertainment for the American outdoorsman!

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Jim Huntsman

Feb 21, 2024

Mike Costello is a family man, hunter, advocate for hunters, and a Howl for Wildlife Strategic Partner. He's also a return guest on The Western Huntsman and a powerful voice for the future of hunting. 

Mike and I dive into the Colorado lion/bobcat hunting debate as it relates to the anti-hunting community and their push...

Feb 13, 2024

Return Guest, Adam Grenda of Stuck N The Rut is an Alaskan bush pilot, hunter, husband, father, and a fearless advocate for our hunting heritage. 

In this episode, Adam and I discuss some Alaskan hunting versus hunting the lower 48 stuff, the dick bone movement, flying Alaskan bush planes, his meeting with Don Trump Jr....

Feb 6, 2024

Return guest, Ross Sharp, is a Western Washington hunter and owner of The Crazy Elk Company. Many of you will know him from his Tag Wallet, a product desgined to simplify attaching a tag to your animal while also protecting it against the elements. 

In this episode, Ross and I talk elk hunting, the politics around the...

Jan 30, 2024

Rob Benson is an emergency preparedness expert, homesteader, hunter, survivalist, and family man. He has a huge social media following and even an online emergency supply store (link below).

In this episode, Rob and I discuss his motivations for living a prepared life. We talk hunting, wolf reintroductions,...

Jan 23, 2024

Dirk Durham is one of the worlds best elk hunters and callers, he's also the marketing manager with Phelps Game Calls and one helluva friend to me. As a return guest on this show, he never disappoints. 

In this episode, Dirk and I discuss etiquette on the mountain and answer listener questions and comments on this...