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Jim Huntsman

Oct 28, 2020

This week see's a shift in gears on the show as I have a conversation with Derek Wilson of The Primal King Podcast. Derek is a family man, rancher, podcaster, hunter, and much more. He has a unique story and a very interesting perspective on multiple topics. His Primal King platform is on a mission, and on the rise as he discusses the three core principles of his message; Liberation, Lifestyle, and Legacy.

We discuss the basics of what the Primal King is. We talk some politics and how our American society has evolved. We talk wolves and how they impact his cattle ranch operation. There is a great exchange around hunting mule deer and whitetails on his land. His new business venture, Cross O Meats, is a farm-to-table style company that provides certified USDA beef straight from his family's mountains to the table. 

I really enjoyed the discussion with Derek! He's a great dude who will inspire and motivate you. He certainly did for me!

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