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Jim Huntsman

Feb 21, 2023

Travis Hall is an Associate News Editor for Field and Stream. He’s made a career of writing and journalism in the hunting and outdoors space. Living in Montana’s beautiful Bitterroot Valley, he spends his time covering important sportsmens issues , fly-fishing, and hunting.


This week, Travis joins me to talk about...

Feb 14, 2023

Wild Quetzal is a hunter and content creator focused on bringing awareness to the human connection with nature. His Instagram is action-packed with short-form messages about the history of humanism of hunter/gatherers, why anti-hunting misses the mark, and how we can dettach from this modern society and connect with...

Feb 7, 2023

Matt Rinella is a research scientist, hunter, host of the Hunt Quietly Podcast, Montanan, and passionate llama owner. Oh, he’s also Steve Rinella’s brother, the founder of perhaps the most prolific hunting media company in history: Meateater. 

Matt joins me this week to offer his unique perspective on hunting TV,...

Feb 1, 2023

After 39 years, Director of Idaho Fish & Game is calling it a career and retiring from the agency he has dedicated his life to. 

Not long after taking the reins of IDFG, Director Schriever joined me in The Broken Tines Studio for one of this podcast's first episodes. We talked about his career and his goals as Director....