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The Western Huntsman Podcast

Welcome to The Western Huntsman Podcast!

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Jim Huntsman

Nov 1, 2023

John Law is a hunter, modern homesteader, photogragher, and entrepreneur. He joins me in this episode to talk about some of the access issues in Wyoming and other hunting related topics. We discuss modern homesteading, being self-sustainable, and all sorts of good banter is had! He is also a talented photogragher and...

Oct 24, 2023

The whitetail rut is knocking on our front door here in the West, it's a season I always get excited for. The elusive, mature, public land mountain bucks have proven to be a serious challenge to many a hunter.

In this episode, I bring in Jon Gabrio. Gabrio is one of the most consistent whitetail killers I know. He grew...

Oct 18, 2023

I've always thought highly of James Nash, but after finally meeting him to record this episode, I'm a huge fan. James is a hunter, Marine veteran, outfitter, rancher, and an incredibly insightful dude!

In this episode, James and I discuss different aspects of transitioning from military life to civilian life. We bounce...

Oct 10, 2023

Johnathan is the founder of Red Beard Outdoors where he promotes "Faith, Family, Fitness, and the Outdoors." His platform has a YouTube Channel, gear reviews, and a podcast to just to name a few things. 

In this episode, Johnathan and I talk about his transition into archery elk hunting, how fitness applies to hunters,...

Sep 19, 2023

Semi Bird is a Marine veteran, a Green Beret hero, a business man, a PHD student, and best of all... a Gubernatorial candidate for the state of Washington!

Yet there's much more than that to Mr. Bird. He joins me this week to discuss his story, military and political background, and his platform should he become the...