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The Western Huntsman Podcast

Welcome to The Western Huntsman Podcast!

The voice of advocacy and entertainment for the American outdoorsman!

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Jim Huntsman

Jun 22, 2023

Jeremiah Doughty is the founder of From Field to Plate, he's a hunter, chef, podcaster, family man, and an awesome guest for this podcast!

In this episode, Jeremiah and I discuss butchering wildgame, preparing wildgame, the From Field to Plate concept, mentoring new hunters, preparedness, and lots more! Learn about...

Jun 16, 2023

Title Sponsor: Phelps Game Calls, Get 'Em Close!

You're in for a treat this episode with my friend, Joe Giglia! Joe is the founder of Elk Bros, a massive elk hunting platform designed to coach hunters to elk hunting success. Online course, coaching, podcasts, and tons of gear, Elk Bros has made quite the impact on the...

Jun 15, 2023

Meet my new friend, Wade Sapp. Wade is a singer/songwriter based in Nashville and is making waves with his fresh sound and songwriting abilities. I'm a fan of his edgy yet traditional sound, and you will be too!

I reached out to Wade to discuss his music career, his unique sound, his roots of growing up in the South,...

Jun 7, 2023

Return guest, Michael Batease with the Elk Calling Academy is back in the saddle this week! Michael is a lifelong elk hunter and familiar face in the hunting community. His unique perspective with elk hunting has notched many an elk tag throughout the years and he has revamped his Elk Calling Academy platform with a new...

Jun 2, 2023

Chris Hunt is the founder of a platform called The Code of the West. He's a writer, comic creator, artist, and has worked for some amazing brands like Kryptec and Black Rifle Coffee. I didn't know Chris but followed his page and thought he would be an interesting guy to get on the show... And boy was I right!

Chris and...